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About the Writer

Nick Drapeau

Nick Drapeau

Hey everybody! Thanks for checking out my blog. I fill this space with things that interest me, or things that I think you’ll find interesting.

I love writing. I’ve written a few short stories, lots of poetry, and I am in the midst of writing my first novel. I also love reading (and have a reputation for good book recommendations if you’re interested!).

I also love new technology, especially when it comes to educational technology. I am an English teacher and I am always looking for ways to bring blogs, microblogs (like Twitter), and other technology into the classroom to prepare students for life in the 21st Century.

Teaching is a passion of mine. I love making learning happen. I have taught in both Urban and International settings, and I am currently teaching in Aktau, Kazakhstan with Quality Schools International.

Nice to meet you! Hope you enjoy the blog. Drop me a line with suggestions for topics, questions, or to start a conversation about something!

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