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Nestea Fail: Tasty Exchange Students?

May 15, 2009

I was driving down 2nd Street Pike outside Philly today (right about here) when I saw a sign that just plain confused me.

Now, I am normally pretty cynical about marketing in general (I’m in that anti-marketing market… “Oh, that’s a huge market!” Thank you, Bill Hicks.), but this Nestea ad took the cake when it simultaneously make me laugh and activated my long-repressed desire to eat foreign exchange students. Dammit, just when I got “the hunger” under control!

Nestea: Liquid Exchange Student, surprisingly tasty.

Nestea: Liquid Exchange Student, surprisingly tasty.

Seriously Nestea? I hope this was just some grammatical mistake, like they’re unaware that “like” refers back to a previous phrase or statement and describes it (in other words, a “simile“). I would say that this advertisement is distasteful, but the pun is a bit too insulting for anyone reading this article. Instead, I’ll just write this up as a Nestea Fail.

Though I must say, Nestea’s Red Tea is quite delicious! Exchanged Students should be on their guard.

So what do you think? Is this ad too edgy, distasteful, racist, criticism x, or is it just fine?

Or perhaps it’s a subliminal mind-control campaign designed by Nestea to wage war against exchange students in America. A direct result, no doubt, of taking Chuck Palahnuik’s new book Pygmy too literally (BTW a GREAT book)?

[P.S. Thanks to Poza1 for the pic!]

[Disclaimer: I don’t actually eat people. At least not anymore. 🙂 ]

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  1. Oliver Mayor permalink
    May 19, 2009 2:08 pm

    Foreign? That’s the best they could do?

    I hate it when products I like are associated with embarassing ads and memes. It reminds me of times in high school: it was socially acceptable to deride whatever our bad English teacher gave us, but I would secretly enjoy the piece we were reading.

    No pressure! You’ll be okay!

  2. jsclm1989 permalink
    May 20, 2009 12:44 am

    Sometimes advertising confuses me. Should I laugh? I think it’s funny, but I can see how it would offend. Also, I don’t think they bottle foreign exchange students yet. That’s the confusing part for me. I’m really nervous now.

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